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    An EAC is a way for a local municipal Council to get environmental and community input into it's land-use planning activities. The EAC provides the Council with a sounding board and constitutes a source of independent advice and expertise from the local community on environmental aspects of land-use planning. An EAC can add value to municipal decisions on land-use planning at virtually no cost. Hiring consultants to provide expert advice that an EAC can often give would be expensive. Here is how Council may benefit from having and EAC:

  • High quality, volunteer technical advice at a time of shrinking municipal budget
  • Independent advice on environmental matters
  • Reviewing development proposals early in the planning process, which can reduce the potential for later delays (i.e.,changes that reduce environmental impacts are more easily accommodated at earlier planning stages)
  • Alternative approaches to resolving conflicts
  • Encouragement of better, more environmentally sound development proposals as a result of the EAC establishing or reinforcing community standards for development and land use
  • Reduced need for external tribunals or regulators, such as the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), if community concerns can be narrowed by EAC discussions and advice